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  • How long does it take to set up?
    We will arrive 1 hour before and setup and give us 1 hour after to clean up. This is all free of charge! Please make sure the venue/home is aware of us coming.
  • How big of a space do I need?
    We suggest an area of 10ft x 10ft of floor space for proper service.
  • How do I reserve?
    1) You can reserve now by going on "Book Event" tab and start process and payment. We will contact you back to confirm and start your expereince. 2) Book over the phone.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    We are very leant with cancellation, we understand what may happen. We will only keep 40% of your rental fee deposit and return the rest or if you booked over the phone, we only keep the deposit for failure to appear.
  • We can book any event?
    Personal Events can be booked through Phone, Online and email. Business Events can be booked by Email and Phone. Custom Events can be book by Email and Phone.
  • We can book indoors and outdoors?
    We can accomdate inside and outside with proper electricy outlets to power our system. Please make sure this is possible.
  • Are the Prints Color or Black and White?
    The real question is what color should they be. We can print any color and any style of event.
  • Do we get a copy of all pictures of event?
    Yes we give a copy of all pictures through our online form available to all guests and owner free of charge.
  • Will there be someone there to supervise?
    Yes! Every event we have a person on standby helping everyone take pictures and if any issues arise we take care of it!
  • What props do you offer?
    Regular Props that you may think of, we have it! We also cater to events by having props that match venue theme. Got a birthday, we match it!
  • How many prints are included?
    Unlimited. Period! Thats how much you deserve! If we run out of prints, we can email/Message pictures no problem!
  • Question you dont see here?
    Please Email us!
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